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Anyone have recommendations for good books for relative beginners? Compared to my knowledge you lot are experts! I'd like to get into the hobby more but lack info, and it seems a lot of books are aimed at kids. And I'm a long way from being a kid! (Although I have kids myself!)
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Larry, there are sooooooo many!
Really basic but a great one to get you going is  Fossil Detectives, BBC & Open University - PM me with your address and I'll send my spare copy to you.
Next is a trilogy, British Caenozoic Fossils
                             "     Mesozoic      "
                             "      Palaeozoic   "
British Museum of Natural History (NHM) available from UKGE

These should be adequate for now for general ID's, then of course you've got us!

The above won't break the bank either!


Colin Huller
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Thanks Colin, PM sent!
You don't stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing
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Hi Larry
This book, 'A Guide to Fossil Collecting in England & Wales' is newly published by Siri Scientific Press. It's a very useful book, with over 50 localities described, with chapters on other aspects of the hobby such as how and where to look for fossils, tools and equipment, preparation and preserving your finds, storing and displaying, with a brief history of British fossil collecting.
Ideal for the amateur collector and with up-to-date information regarding the geology of the sites described and the best places to look at each location. Colour throughout and can be purchased at £16.95 here:

I hope this helps.
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Hi, is there a Scotland equivelant? I've looked on amazon and my local library but can't find anything covering north of the border!
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