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from fossil jill
checking our fossil finds from halldale quarry, Debyshire, we find we have a trilobite. It appears aliitle different from our other carbonifereous trilobites.
we would like to return, but cannot find the quarry mentioned now?
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Unfortunately Hall Dale Quarry has been given over to developers. We were last there six months ago and the site had been gated off pending the arrival of the diggers [frown] I’m not local, so I’m not sure of the latest status, but I would guess that an entire city is underway! Such a shame!
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It was on the cards ...was going to happen 2 years ago last time I visited. Housing estate was planned.
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Hi Jill
Derbyshire trilobites is my speciality, so if you want to post a picture I will try to ID for you. Someone else recently posted a picture of a Griffithides whitewatsoni pyg from here so it could be that, or it could be one of several other upper brigantian species.
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