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At the risk of straining the group's patience, I have a last pic from Happisburgh's rock armour sea-defences.

As with the earlier Happisburgh photos I understand the rock is from Leicestershire's Bardon Hill quarry but don't know which part is represented in this photo.

The object in the photo is roughly 2 inches/5 cms long and is - the photo doesn't show this very well - concave in shape. Is it perhaps a more complete version of the other surrounding fossils?

Finally, I might have posted this twice - the first time without a pic...

Alan Click image for larger version - Name: DSC_4710.jpg, Views: 38, Size: 359.25 KB
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Dirty Pete
More Carboniferous limestone with shell sections/fragments. Fragment at centre maybe a productid brachiopod. I think your source quarry might be Breedon on the Hill Quarry not Bardon Hill quarry.

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Thanks, Pete.

A quick look on google images confirms you're right on the id. As for the source quarry, the limestone rocks sit alongside volcanic material known to be from Bardon Hill but are obviously so different that another quarry wouldn't be surprising. It seems that UK-sourced rocks are supplementing Norwegian granite for North Norfolk sea-defences and are certainly much more interesting to look at.

I have one more limestone pic which may be of interest, showing a very dense bed of crushed shells, roughly 1 foot/30 cms thick. I'll pop it up later.

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