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I've attached two pics showing details within Happisburgh's rock armour at the south end of the bay.

The rocks are from Leicestershire's Bardon Hill Quarry. Some of the rock armour is said to be of volcanic origin from strata over 500 million years old. I don't know if that's the case with 'my' rocks. 

The centrally-displayed object with chevron-type markings in the first pic is roughly 3 inches/75mm long. The second photo shows what seems to be a horizontal bed of objects which might or might not be fossils - I simply don't know. The picture shows a section roughly 15 inches/380mm across.

My question is are any of these objects fossils or are they geological features?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Alan Click image for larger version - Name: DSC_4677.jpg, Views: 37, Size: 472.01 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSC_4668 copy.jpg, Views: 36, Size: 440.48 KB
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Dirty Pete
Pic 1 maybe brecciated limestone consisting of broken bits of pre-existing limestone and broken fossils (crinoids) etc. I reckon the chevron is a pre-existing cone in cone fragment that's been incorporated into it. Pic 2 looks like crinoidal limestone. Both Carboniferous limestone I reckon. Certainly not volcanic.

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I agree with Pete, hashed up limestone and cone - in - cone with crinoidal debris.
Colin Huller
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Gents, thanks so much for your replies

I've just googled cone-in-cone and it looks like you're right. Quite a few show up in the rocks with variations on the theme but the basic structures have a 'family' resemblance. 

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