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Hi - I am a total fossil novice, but I found this and as it feels cold I think it is a fossil. based on other research I'm sure it is a tooth,
but can anyone tell me more?
IMG_3468.jpg  IMG_3470.jpg  IMG_3471.jpg  IMG_3473.jpg  IMG_3474.jpg  IMG_3475.jpg 
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Barrow Museum
I suspect it is a piece of lobster claw.  It has been rolled around on the beach and rounded off, and bleached by weathering and the sun.
The bedrock of Guernsey is entirely non-fossiliferous, being too old or the wrong type of rock (igneous, for example).
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Welcome to the forum. I agree with BM.
Colin Huller
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Gary W
Good id, i was thinking tooth   but yes claw
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Thank you!
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