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Would anyone be able to tell me if these are anything? Both collected from Port Mulgrave (Yorkshire coast). Thinking the one in slate could be tree bark? Or more slate? ðŸ˜‚
Many Thanks in advance!
20200525_215036.jpg  20200525_215046.jpg  20200525_215054.jpg  20200525_215059.jpg  20200525_224437.jpg  20200525_224443.jpg 
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Barrow Museum
Even though there is no scale, the first is recognisable as a fragment of lignite (fossil wood) in the local Lower Jurassic shale.  In other words, a piece of a tree living some 175-180 million years ago, flushed into the sea, broken up, sunk to the bottom, covered by mud which over time compressed into shale and which you found.  Jet has a similar origin.

The second...without a scale and not sharply focused, I wouldn't like to say.  It could be fossil wood too (as I seem to see a thin lignite cortex either side of a possibly permineralised fibrous fragment), but you need to provide better, calibrated photos for us to determine with accuracy.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. BM is correct, these are examples of wood fossilised in the sediment after being washed out to sea.
Colin Huller
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That's great to know thank you, never found wood fossils before!
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