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I found this at minster , Isle of Sheppey in Kent, I’m new to fossil collecting and am stumped as to what this is, I was thinking some kind of plant? Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated! Click image for larger version - Name: 7F529D83-32D0-4859-AA6F-30C6037C5E3A.jpeg, Views: 50, Size: 393.99 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 9C72C049-877C-419C-9EDD-F9B1DAF8B68B.jpeg, Views: 61, Size: 416.84 KB Click image for larger version - Name: CEEEF331-8AC5-4B4A-A016-6E6CE9E66DE2.jpeg, Views: 65, Size: 292.33 KB
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Hello Sophie9 and welcome to the forum. Is this Pyrite / very heavy for it's size? The bad! news first - not a plant, now for the good news - it is part of a 45 million year old starfish!
What a superb find - well spotted! Oh, I think it's a Teichaster stokesi looking at the photos on the superb sheppey fossil website
Colin Huller
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That's a superb find - they're not common.  Well done!

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