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Hello everyone, I hope you will find this post worthy of a reply 🙂 While in Norfolk last weekend, I found this object on Holkham beach which looks like it could be some prehistoric tooth (with a bit of tooth decay going on!). Please could you help me identify whether it is indeed a tooth, or just a curiously shaped piece of rock, and whether it would be of any interest to fossil enthusiasts or maybe a local museum. Thank you very much.  

DSC_5126~01.jpg  DSC_5127~01.jpg  DSC_5128~01.jpg  DSC_5131~01.jpg  DSC_5139~01.jpg  DSC_5140~01.jpg
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Dirty Pete
I'm afraid that's a broken bit of flint with a pointed end and sadly not a tooth.

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Gary W
yes just a flint
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