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Hi all, found this on the Western side of Aberaiddy bay.

The material seems like near pure graphite that is slowly crumbling.

The 'fossil' itself is very crumbly seems like a mix of whitish crystals and iron (pyrite). I had read about 'planktonic trilobites' being found there and wondered if this was one? It is about 3cm across at it's longest axis.

Essentially if anyone can identify it or has any ideas on how to preserve it, I would be very appreciative. Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20190219_211439009.jpg, Views: 93, Size: 133.55 KB
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No I'm not sure hence 'fossil' and the context is a fine powdery shale that crumbles into powder like graphite, there was no clay in the nearby geology. The symmetry of the find and similarities to the shape of a trilobite head lead me to ask.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. There are Ordovician rocks in the area, but to me ths looks more liike a mineral deposit than fossil.
Colin Huller
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