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1CEA83F4-E0B9-4B3D-A3F8-5980EF788812.jpeg  C0303FA6-DC62-4089-AC47-0521FF5E018B.jpeg  C817F6D9-48F3-459F-A0C9-BA394C7A7812.jpeg  FFC92D21-BD4C-4806-B56C-DBD0687B974E.jpeg  FBD158E8-C21A-4F79-B75B-4EEFB474C99D.jpeg  FEEFE19F-5C68-4CDB-8456-5D9198B1BBA6.jpeg  8EA9794B-ED1B-40F2-AFAA-28806983A68F.jpeg  F4540F20-7F65-4E1A-9E30-C99446C67AC2.jpeg  E974249A-47F4-4EC7-B1B1-C82606B2AB96.jpeg  671FDCE0-4908-4CE4-B6B1-F97F6C2334A1.jpeg  9CB2EF4B-4F69-48B5-8A85-88882DBCF1D3.jpeg  371A0D86-3A22-42E1-BA99-911A98BCEAC4.jpeg  C74EA511-8EAA-47C7-AC97-EC9AC5D32A27.jpeg  01070B5B-0D81-47E3-ABBC-A94A82A44F09.png  F4D4D679-E6D7-4277-B234-4A32145D94B8.png  Hi everyone ! I’m new to the fossil finding & have some finds which I need help identifying.
found on the east coast while having leisurely walks
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Dirty Pete
1         ?
2         Orthocone nautiloid....maybe
3/4      Gigantoproductus (Brachiopod)
5/6       Poorly preserved carbonised wood
6-12     Various Gryphea (Devils toenails)
13-15    Lime/mud concretion

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Thanks Pete, I really appreciate your reply , it’s nice to know what I’ve found !
i did not know where to start then i came across this forum, it’s very interesting to see what others have found and the knowledge some have .
i think I now have the fossil collecting bug ?
looking forward to reading more post on here and hopefully I will find other fossils to share.
thanks again 
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