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Could someone please help me by looking at the following pictures, and help me possible identify what these may be, 

All three found on Bournemouth Beach, Dorset.  20190911_231458.jpg  20190911_231510.jpg  20190911_231438.jpg  20190911_231511.jpg  20190911_231517.jpg     20190911_231357.jpg     20190911_231409.jpg  20190911_231330.jpg     20190911_231345.jpg 
Many Thanks

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Dirty Pete
Hi Louise,
I'm not sure if #1 is natural, is it a mass of broken shells cemented together with something or is it some kind of fibrous/resinous man made material? #2 looks like a sandstone pebble with a hole in it and #3 is industrial slag, the holes are where gas bubbles were trapped.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum(assuming this was your first post)!
Photos 1 -5, assuming they are all the same specimen or at least very similar, I believe are of a man - made cemented fibrous material.
Photos 6 & 7  look like a water worn pebble of possibly an iron rich sandstone.
Lastly photos 8 & 9 are of industrial slag from some sort of smelting.
Colin Huller
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Thank you for your replies x
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