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Good Morning Alll,

Please can you help identify the bellow fossils or rocks as my two sons are desperate to know if they have found a fossil. All these were found on Llantwit Major Beach.

1.  BAD99271-618C-443A-B996-35FFEE5CB52D.jpeg  F141AE58-9CB3-4A88-B600-127FFD0F4B5B.jpeg  A87AC172-5F7C-4048-9A69-9648DEF73DA4.jpeg

2. 287D9099-451F-4BB4-8054-8775C9F71C92.jpeg    

3.  122334F5-4E6A-40AE-98A1-5A9DD0302683.jpeg 

kind regards 

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Dirty Pete
Hi Rich,
I reckon a quartzite pebble with quartz vein, modern feeding tracks (limpet?) and fossil wood.

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