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More beginner questions (your answers were extremely helpful last time!). I found these fragments in Overstrand.

(1) Could this be a bone fragment? 
IMG_20190806_202904.jpg  IMG_20190806_203011.jpg 

(2) Could this be a flat-nib belemnite? I'm confused by the what look like two sponge holes?  
IMG_20190806_201126.jpg  IMG_20190806_201138.jpg  IMG_20190806_201152.jpg 

(3) I thought this could be an interesting pattern: 

(4) And also this tiny one: 

Thank you!
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Hello,, I think your 1st specimen is a bone fragment, ut I'm no expert. The second one I have tweaked and it looks like a flint encrusted belemnite but can't say any more as it's well stuck in the flint and cannot be prepped out unfortunately. 3&4 are both flints with various fragments of fossils including a section of spunge.
Colin Huller
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