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Hi, first time here.

My 10 year old daughter found this fossil in a river in Ilkley yorkshire.
Can any one help us in identifying what it is.

Many thanks. 😊 Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20200526_221858.jpg, Views: 38, Size: 365.54 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20200526_104040.jpg, Views: 38, Size: 367.51 KB
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Hi, you have found the fossil of a coral, and being in Yorkshire is most likely Carboniferous so something like 360 - 300 million years old. Someone more familiar with the area may be able to identify the actual type of fossil.
Martyn H
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Martyn is correct, this is a small pebble containing corals worn to show a couple of sections through them.
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
Hopefully TqB will see this post but in the meantime google images of Syphonodendron and Diphyphyllum.

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Thanks guys, I'll let my daughter know so,she can do her research. 😊
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