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Jane Jones
Can anyone identify the fossil in the following photo's.  It is some form of fruit or nut, found while gardening.  We live high up on Cotswolds 5 miles outside Stroud. Thanks
r89UAD77Tt+NHeELTGAadg.jpg  uYXQAZJJSB+EgV0Mgh7zjQ.jpg  CG5G9T0yRDWBARHJuRAssA.jpg  8qu9qpHGS4KxnKheKcX8Ng.jpg
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Hi Jane
To me it looks like a fossil shell, maybe a brachiopod
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Dirty Pete
Reckon estwing's right, a terebratulid type brachiopod, they are quite common in the Cotswolds, 


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Yup! Pete is right, it's a brachiopod.
Colin Huller
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Jane Jones
Thank you so much for all the feedback everyone.  I initially thought NO, definitely not a shellfish after looking up images of brachiopods, which had no real resemblance to my stone (fossil), but then looked up terebratulid fossils and came up with this image which does look very similar.Terebratula maugerii Boni, 1933.JPG My fossil does look as if it's got 4 lobes and a stalk, but maybe it got squished!!!  I no NOTHING! 😬
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