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Evening everyone,

Hope I've posted this in the correct subforum, apologise if not..

My wife and I have been keen to go fossil hunting for a while and decided this would be the year we have a crack at it. We live a few miles from East Runton and Trimingham, both very good sites.
Basically, we just have no clue how to search, if different sites need different searching techniques, what tools we might need etc..

So I was hoping someone could offer us some help in the very basics of what we should do to find our first fossils!

Cheers, Kieran
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East Runton is a very good site for fossils, you can actually just pick fossils up along the foreshore but you can use a hammer or pick if you are interested in the chalk fossils and a container to put your fossils in. fossils you might find here in you might find are mammal bones, belemnites and much more can be found.

With Trimingham, another well known sight it is best to bring a knife or pick to pry out fossils from the soft chalk the fossils are small and very delicate so a container would be ideal the fossils here are usually small fossil oysters, belemnites and brachiopods.

Good luck and have fun looking for fossils! [smile]   
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If you are on Facebook try looking at the Norfolk fossil finds group where you'll see los of examples of what has beenfound and where.  That should help you get an idea of what to look for.

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