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Hi new to the page but found some fossils recently and just inquisitive about them!
Any help much appreciated
Emma Click image for larger version - Name: DBF1E5D1-F338-4EE7-B998-33B9537E767C.jpeg, Views: 24, Size: 459.90 KB Click image for larger version - Name: BFAE005A-5091-431B-B3FF-DF4DAAEEC6ED.jpeg, Views: 25, Size: 571.67 KB
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Hello Emma and welcome to the forum. The Members Database is (for your information) for people to post groups of fossils to help ID. specimens. 'Your Recent Finds' or 'British Fossils' would be better. However, I don't know if it is possible to repost t wthout hassle, so nevermind for now.
What you have found are1) the cross section of a rugose (horn) coral and in 2) the complete but slightly worn whole coral. I can't say more unless you can say where they were found, the situation (beach, quarry, gravel etc) and their size - please a a scale (a ruler is best) to all photos and the more photos of each specimen from different angles the better! Happy hunting!
Colin Huller
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Bill G
Cheers, Bill
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