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OK, I can see it's a bit of tree bark, but was wondering how old it might be, and what rock the fossil is. It looks like flint.

Been in my family for over 50 years, and was found in a sandy desert in Aden. The rest of the tree was also at the location, apparently.

Thanks in advance.

  top.jpg  bottom.jpg  end_on.jpg

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Brittle Star

Looks like wood to me.

Flint is formed in the sea so probably not flint. Can you take a photo of the end with the rock showing. A scale or ruler would help.

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Thanks Brittle Star. The flint bit had me wondering too.
The last picture shows more rock than the other end, as it tapers off.

I have done a little more research, and it is likely Petrified Wood.

Still a fossil, but much more recent in the making. 15 - 20 million years old, and formed by minerals passing through buried wood. Permineralization, apparently.

Cheers, Russ.


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Gandalf the White
Beautiful detailed wood.
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