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From close to Whitby in North Yorkshire, I got my first verts and a couple of other rocks that look interesting.

I keep seeing either more verts and other folded bone contortions, but I may be wrong.

I was also trying to find the difference between verts on past creatures in these rocks but despite reading lots on googling, no positive ID, any ideas please, thanks in advance. IMG_20190828_175410.jpg  IMG_20190828_175325.jpg  IMG_20190828_175503.jpg  IMG_20190828_175455.jpg  IMG_20190828_175535.jpg  IMG_20190828_175513.jpg  IMG_20190828_175231.jpg  IMG_20190828_175209.jpg  IMG_20190828_175259.jpgThe verts above (4 images) are two separate verts and were not joined together.

Top two images look like verts to me.

The bottom three images are the same rock, it is in this that I think I see bone shapes?
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I think the left hand specimen in picture six is a pair of ictheosaur verts, the rest are burrow infills and vert shaped rocks.
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Unsure a about picture seven, I'm outside in bright light so can't see screen to we'll. Maybe something,  may need more pictures from other angles.
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