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Tried out my new rock hammer on a piece from Runswick Bay - these are the split sections. I can make out lots of bivalves and at least one ammonite but does anyone know what the ridged bit is?! Frustratingly it is not whole but google seems to suggest some kind of hamites rotundus? Any suggestions on further identification appreciated :) Click image for larger version - Name: IMAG2100.jpg, Views: 55, Size: 3.02 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMAG2099.jpg, Views: 53, Size: 3.20 MB
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Neil Clark
Hi Katja,

Looks similar to a Harpoceras fragment along with some bivalves. Not sure what the bivalves are - perhaps Pseudomytilus or Posidonia? Someone else may know the genus. - Neil
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Definitely not Hamites (which is Cretaceous). I agree with Neil, it's an Harpoceras fragment and Pseudomytiloides dubius
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