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Hello, this item (!) was found in the river bed (as pretty low at the moment - more of a stream) at Highwater in the New Forest. This area is fairly close to Emery Down and Lyndhurst. We do not know what it could be !!! Please help! Approx. 7 cm long. You can see some honeycombing inside... Diameter is about 1.5 cm

IMG_2283.jpg  IMG_2341.jpg  IMG_2342.jpg    
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Dirty Pete
I'd suggest a dark flint pebble from the valley gravel. The more recent breakages show small scale glassy concoidal fractures. Pretty sure it's not a bone, hit it with a hammer and examine a fresh surface.......

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Agree, flint.
Colin Huller
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Gary W
Yes another strange shaped flint
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Thank you gents!
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