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I'm a first-timer and found these on several holidays.  Please help with identifying them. Thanks in advance! 

1)  Fossil or rock?  Yaverland, Isle of Wight.
IMG_0530.jpg  IMG_0531.jpgIMG_0533.jpg   IMG_0532.jpg 

2) Fossil or rock?  Yaverland, Isle of Wight.
IMG_0534.jpg  IMG_0535.jpg 
3)  Fossil or rock?  Yaverland, Isle of Wight. 
IMG_0536.jpg  IMG_0537.jpg  IMG_0538.jpg 
4) What is this? Beachy head.
IMG_0539.jpg  IMG_0540.jpg 
5) What is this? Bracklesham Bay.
IMG_0541.jpg  IMG_0542.jpg 
6) I think it is teeth. Bracklesham Bay. But not shark teeth, correct? 
7) Just a rock, correct? 
IMG_0544.jpg  IMG_0545.jpg 

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They all look like various types of rock except for 15 which is a worn shark tooth.
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
.........and 4 which looks like an internal cast of a gastropod

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Great, thanks a lot!
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Hmmm... losing my eyesight I think Pete - agree with you on 4
Colin Huller
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And no. 5 is Nummulites.
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