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Hi, I found this fossil on the a beach near Lymington (south coast near the Isle of Wight). It’s dark coloured and smooth outside, slightly narrow in the middle with a flared concave end and a more bulbous end, which appears to be broken, revealing a more spongy inside. To me, it looks about the right shape to be a metatarsal bone perhaps—but I’ve no idea what from. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Victoria  6DED8123-CBA6-43C6-B3BF-176C2C86AEB3.jpeg  B39FC51A-E693-4F4F-A22D-AEB00AD0AED4.jpeg  58C037EF-233D-48C1-AC46-67939BAE7E53.jpeg  D7FE4A53-4E20-4B5A-8D61-FA355D416949.jpeg  3243E50F-884E-4FA0-B312-01392F998ADC.jpeg  608C4AA3-4000-45EF-B4FE-9E1BA53AC286.jpeg  86DDB780-D363-4445-BA45-54BC09206719.jpeg  477FAD27-1EFF-4900-9A06-642FDEA4FCF8.jpeg  E4D41243-EA72-425D-A1D4-9B86F0C63B21.jpeg  1E545896-AA0A-4F3A-9F30-38430162568D.jpeg  9B850B52-A6C5-4127-A1F2-8AFE1438AFB9.jpeg  FA4BB2F3-B957-4973-86E5-D3AA237CE9A6.jpeg  A728BD14-B2B5-477E-B439-F1753BF2E223.jpeg 
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Hello Victoria and welcome to the forum. Excellent photos, but I'm afraid I can't see any evidence of bone, but I don;t have it in my hand!  I think that this is a partial nodule of Pyrite or Marcasite, eroded out of the chalk nearby.
Colin Huller
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