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Hey guys, this was my star find at Speeton earlier today.

IMG_20200908_173838.jpg  IMG_20200908_164819.jpg  IMG_20200908_130803.jpg 

I am pretty sure its a fragment of Heteromorph, it has clear Ammonite Sutures visible in one section. It fragmented during extraction sadly, but its nothing that can't be fixed with some prepping patience!

It has a smooth ridge every couple of centimetres, and comes in at over 32 cm long.

If anyone knows a species i'd love to know.. The only examples of Heteromorphs from this area in my specimen books don't have matching ridges.. Perhaps it is a big Ammonite but it doesn't feel like it to me.

Got a few of Speeton's iconic little micro-Ammonites too!

Thanks for looking! 💪🏻
- Brad
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Barrow Museum
You have found a piece of heteromorph, and I would tentatively say it is Paracrioceras, which occurs in Lower Bed B, in the Hauterivian.
Here's one for comparison, which had been battered by a high tide so is not in the best of condition.  Heavy to carry back along the shore and up the cliff too! Paracrioceras.jpg 
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Thanks for confirming my suspicions, i'm glad i found it and brought it back!

The topside on mine has also been eroded quite badly (hence suture is visible), but the underside shell seems pretty well preserved. For now it will be sitting idle until my prepping skill level is up a bit.. 😆

Also that one looks like a horrifying jigsaw puzzle fossil nightmare! 🤣
- Brad
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