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Went to Brown end Quarry,Staffordshire early Carboniferous, mildale and Hopedale limestone 
first few photos ,Crinoid tastic 
then just some bits and bobs 
does anyone know what could have been in the crystallised hole shaped thing , hard to get good photo 
and last 2 of site , including a mammoth footprint , lol part of the site story for the kids , man made 
hope you are all good and well and getting through these tough times , stay safe  C0493E9C-DA0E-479D-89A2-825CC19B6EF7.jpeg  697C34CD-035E-400B-B296-8B1CE78350F1.jpeg  9EDA13D8-89E2-406E-9A07-E43ADDE47D32.jpeg  44347B92-1738-4A11-A640-230EB55AEB35.jpeg  1951F30F-88B3-4CAD-A14E-4FE293ACB32C.jpeg  54E1B787-A480-4E10-A5B9-95A43BB3CCA1.jpeg  30CAF0C8-AEF3-44D6-B898-44547E797D2E.jpeg  3CEF8EB0-71D3-4954-845D-163FCD0282C0.jpeg  4DC24156-F145-4198-B53B-B10EA658F513.jpeg  7E97B048-5F77-4FD6-A896-BB9FF98B18EA.jpeg  49B1A410-F43A-4670-B4E5-8CAB735068D3.jpeg  7EC07F24-3DFD-4ABC-B2B9-5E141BF9B4FE.jpeg  57E06426-FB33-46C4-BF01-522F281FE1BB.jpeg  18ED8204-260B-4501-A6AF-9E76C093E77E.jpeg  BB789B24-D146-4E64-A977-893282F5DEEF.jpeg  ECCD3995-2847-4946-9E1F-03F0FF51903E.png  10555A22-986C-49BD-9513-F77AE7C41D1C.png  988D0AAC-385F-46FD-8C59-F882653B962C.png  C87A71A0-539F-4FE7-A2B4-0A3825C7894F.png  3D9669EC-F200-4F25-BC74-F3D89D74A154.png C24E2679-2C94-4A71-BDB7-DDD26339E949.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Ratty nice haul.
Assume the hole is a brachiopod that once the soft parts rotted away left a void, calcite xls then grew on the inside surface but didn't fill the void completely.

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Yes, brachiopod! and I think I see some gastropods in a couple of other photos and a scaphopod - nice haul!
Colin Huller
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