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Hi I'm new here, so my fiancé got me a geologists pick for Christmas, my fossil collecting is amateur at best, I've found a few ammonites on the Jurassic coast and some devils toenails in wales.
Today I visited leckhampton hill in Gloucestershire, I know the place through mtb riding, anyway I had a decent find (to me anyway)
Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_4340.JPG, Views: 38, Size: 1.17 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_4341.JPG, Views: 41, Size: 1.59 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_4342.JPG, Views: 40, Size: 1.43 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_4343.JPG, Views: 41, Size: 1.42 MB
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Welcome Spencer, once you start fossil hunting you won't stop, it's an adventure for sure, nice finds and keep hunting for sure, Alan.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Leckhampton Hill is the same age or a little later than the Jurassic coast. It is a marine bivalve and think it is one of the genus Pholadomya, but I can't find my book to check!
Colin Huller
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Thanks! I'm sure I'll keep looking
I'm after the perfect ammonite find
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Welcome! Once bitten you'll never lose the fossil big!! Nice bivalve find there!!

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Cool Running
Big  welcome  from  Wales
Certainly  many members  on  here  Knowledge  is  vast,  and  very  helpful
Good  Luck  Searching  &  be  safe  [smile]
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