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Just returned from Cuba with a few nice teeth. This tooth is pretty much as good as it gets from this location. No repair or resto.
The tooth measures 5.15" or 12.88cm. augfrt.jpg  augfrtcal.jpg  augbk.jpg  augsd1.jpg  augsd2.jpg 
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Re Nard
Bonjour, est ce que vous avez des dents de cuba a vendre ? 
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daggerftd17.jpeg  Salut, désolé pour la réponse tardive. Oui, j'ai des dents à vendre. Que recherchez-vous en matière de taille, qualité, naturel ou restauré. Peut-être pourriez-vous me dire votre budget 6inch fnt.jpeg  4.5INCH.png  apple5s 136.jpg    
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really very beautiful Cuban Meg teeth!
I'm a Meg tooth collector from Germany. I am especially looking for cuban megs in very good quality, without restoration and preferably in size from 5" or larger.
Have you such teeth for sale?
Kind regards
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