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Matthew Myerscough
Hi all,

Found in the mud on Sunday (between thunderstorms!) at Hock Cliff.  Think it's possibly the end of a long bone from Ichthyosaurus. 

Interestingly on the broken cross section it doesn't look like bone at all (see last pic).

First trip to this spot - never seen so many fantastic Gryphaea before!


PHOTO-2019-08-13-20-53-46.jpg  PHOTO-2019-08-13-20-53-52.jpg  PHOTO-2019-08-13-20-53-58.jpg  PHOTO-2019-08-13-20-54-11.jpg  PHOTO-2019-08-13-20-54-05.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Matthew,
Nice find, femur or humerus maybe. Glad to hear there are Gryphea left. I haven't been there for years but I'd see people leaving with bucket loads of sell? Guess the bad weather must have washed some up. Used to be swags of pyritised ammonites too, but I guess not so many now. Was never lucky enough to find bone though.
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