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I've visited the whitby coast area many times but never been to the holderness coast. I'd like to plan a visit to the holderness, please can anyone recommend locations to visit along that stretch based on first hand experience?

I've already checked the locations on the ukafh website but would be great to get some first hand tips from any of you ðŸ™‚

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Hi Rosco
The Holderness is about 27k in length and anything geological or paleontological you find on the beach is entirely made up of several Glacial deposits. 
In other words a fossil or mineral you find at Bridlington at the north of the coast can also be found at Kilnsea in the south.
Until you get used to the coast I would say get the tide right and start at Barmston, be highly mobile and ready to walk a long way. 
Park in the car park at Barmston and from the top of the cliff with binoculars look North and south any dark patches in the sand is most likely a rock field but occasionally is a patch of boulder clay. 
If there’s a dark patch go and have a look at it but be carful getting down the cliff although there are safe access and egress points around there. 
If there are no stones at all on the beach anywere head south to say Hornsea north and do the same because it’s pointless going onto the beach if there are no rocks. 
Keep doing that untill you have seen som rocks or a rock field. 

Tabfish at the Waterside
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