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We spotted this on Minehead beach today adjacent to one of the beach groins.
It looks like a wax honeycomb fossil, but I have also seen coral fossils of the same appearance.
We left it in situ, and didn’t think to use anything to demonstrate the scale - sorry.
We would value anyone else’s opinion.
Is it rare as some websites suggest it may be??
Should we retrieve it?
Click image for larger version - Name: 8E6CCD93-BF24-491E-8C1A-E139620481CD.jpeg, Views: 96, Size: 5.39 MB
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Coral, I would say
Tarquin will surely give you the id for it
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Dirty Pete
Hi Quantox,
Minehead I think is Triassic/L Jurassic and that rock looks suspiciously Carboniferous. Maybe brought in to bolster sea defences. 
As for the coral, maybe some kind of Siphonodendron. I could be totally wrong but as Estwing says this is one for TqB.

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Brittle Star

I seem to remember (possibly incorrectly) that there are restrictions to collecting fossils at Minehead. Tried to look online but cannot find anything at the moment. 

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Thanks everyone we did not venture back down to the beach. So it remains in situ. We will see if it is still visible when we return in the summer.
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If Carboniferous (which seems likely), it's probably a Michelinia sp.
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I agree with Curt, Michelinia. Not rare but a nice looking specimen - I'd collect it if it's manageable and if it's legal there...
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If anyone is interested, in ‘harvesting’ this fossil (if it’s legal etc...), I can show you on a map where I found it
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