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I agree Anne - I've been there in summer and winter and have been very disapointed!

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Get  to Branscombe Beach (where the Napoli was famously grounded in 2007) and you can walk east  along the shingle beach.

The going is not easy though and the best landslide was a good 30 mins walk. It was a little dangerous to  mount though and care needed to be taken. Up to then only a couple fo powdery small slides found.

Many large and small corals found butnothing else - we are novices though and didnt spend a lot of time looking.

All the locals looked askance when asked about Hookend Cliff and recommended Lime Regis instead, which is a bout 10miles east of here.

Considering it was givena 5 Star rating by  this site we were a little miffed.

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Bill G
Being locals, they would know that Lyme Regis and Charmouth, are very well picked over during the summer. Perhaps they want all the goodies from Hookend for themselves.
Cheers, Bill
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At Hookend you have to look very carefully and methodically at the blocks on the beach. You may see only a very small part of a fossil on the surface. It takes a while for me to get my eye in but I do find stuff. Winter is definitely the time to look, after bad weather. Occasionally I find a Malachite pebble there as well.  
Crossing the eyes and dotting the teas.
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planning on visiting hookend next week while on holiday  any good tips guys ???Star
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Look out for blocks of cenomanian which you can get beautiful brachiopods and the odd ammo.
Hooken (no D guys- take it from a local) is a fickle location and slips can be few and far between but can yield a good variety of finds. Beer Head and Pounds Pool is better in my experience for upper/ middle chalk stuff and flint casts, particularly sternotaxis plana and cenomanian ammos. Pounds pool and Beer Head are accessable from Beer on spring tides 0.8/7 or less and don't hang about too long cos you will get cut off. There has been a large slip that is slowly washing out- best after storms.

The upper chalk here is much tougher than that of IOW, sussex, kent etc.

It is possibe to reach round Beer Head from Branscombe on the lowest tides of the year only but is very dangerous and not reccomended
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We had a trip to Branscombe and walked down the beach to Hookend Cliff last week (July 2011) and would say - leave it to the experts!
we found one broken shell in a piece of fallen chalk and some very large blocks on the foreshore containing corals. We are not collectors of fossils from chalk, so did not have high hopes. However, this location has such a glowing write up that I thought my secret weapon (son) would spot something of interest.
Clearly at the right time of year and with some practical experience of chalk fossils things would be different.
On the off chance in July - keep driving and go to Dorset!
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