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Today I went to Hooken Cliff looking for fossils and would like some help identifying some of these. I know roughly the sort of fossils they are I believe them to be oysters, bivalves and brachiopods. But some more specific ID would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance. IMG_20190106_181823.jpg  IMG_20190106_181841.jpg  IMG_20190106_182033.jpg  IMG_20190106_182105.jpg  IMG_20190106_182129.jpg  IMG_20190106_182212.jpg  IMG_20190106_182237.jpg  IMG_20190106_182250.jpg  IMG_20190106_182251.jpg  IMG_20190106_182253.jpg  IMG_20190106_182312.jpg
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Brittle Star

Sorry some are only partial shells I have no idea of exactly what they are.
The others are not clear, one maybe a sponge impression.

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1. looks like modern oyster
2. looks like modern oyster
3. partial inoceramid bivalve from the middle chalk
4. modern scallop
5. don't know
6. don't know
7-11. various pieces of oyster from the upper greensand (albian)

There is not much to be found at the Hooken at the moment, very sparce.  
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Thanks for the reply's,
any idea why Hooken is so bare at the moment?

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Lack of falls mainly, scouring tides removing talus and smaller blocks. What was available has been collected. I did notice that the beach has dropped by a couple of feet recently.
I would like some cenomanian bed C blocks to come down as they are full of phosphatic ammonites. 
Crossing the eyes and dotting the teas.
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Thanks, any idea when this aria may become full of fossils ones again? [smile] 
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You'll have to wait till the fat lady sings... [wink]
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