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Coote Geelan
I picked this up from among the fossillised wood on Bawdsey beach today as I thought it looked like a tooth.
It is similar in size and shape to photos of horse tooth fossils on othe sites but, as is so often the case at Bawdsey it may just be the ubiquitous fossil wood.
Any information would be welcome. IMG_0995.jpg  IMG_0996.jpg  IMG_0997.jpg  IMG_0998.jpg  IMG_0999.jpg 
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Looks more like pyritised wood to me I'm afraid, I can't see any definition for a biting surface ot bone.
Colin Huller
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Hello, yep, not a tooth, but it is quite understandable that you thought is was one...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Coote Geelan
Thanks for your replies, although it's no great surprise to hear that it is wood, it is useful to know the difference. 

Your ability to identify the various pieces that are posted on this site and willingness to inform and educate  those of us without the knowledge and expertise is much appreciated and actually very encouraging.👍👏
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Gerald Gibson

For comparison I am attaching Mesohippus teeth I found in the Brule Forrmation.  This, of course, is an ancient ancestor of the modern horse but the structure of the tooth is basically the same as modern horses.

Gerald Gibson Horse Teeth 2.jpg 
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