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Fossil or flint
I first spotted this in the beach a couple of years ago. With our rising and sinking sands, it’s been invisible until today. 

It’s a huge piece, about 3.5 feet in diameter, 18 inches thick. It’s not clay. Feels flintlike in composition. Very uniform shape. 

I would love love to know what people think it might be! 7214DF34-229A-4AA5-976C-D6BECA6C17BD.jpeg 
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Brittle Star
It looks a lot like a copralite, but appearances can be deceiving.
What beach was it as the geology will indicate the age. . 

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Fossil or flint
Thank you!

It was found at Sidestrand. 
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Dirty Pete
I'd hate to meet the beast that can lay a 3.5 foot wide turd so I'll guess concretion.

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Fossil or flint
Ha ha... but it’s a great story.

It’s very uniform in shape. And smooth. To me it looked like a fossil of part of a woolly mammoths anatomy.

But coprolite is thrilling.

Concretion... never seen anything like it before?!

Thank you
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Fossil or flint
PS I discovered it at Overstrand in Norfolk. 
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