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Manie S
New to fossil hunting, are these ammonites? It was found in Lyme Regis in black clay. I cleaned it out by lightly scraping the hard clay away. Identification would be appreciated, thank you. IMG_20200902_204739.jpg  IMG_20200902_204607.jpg  IMG_20200902_204420.jpg  IMG_20200902_203932.jpg  IMG_20200902_203742.jpg 
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Barrow Museum
Yes they are ammonites - probably the Lower Jurassic genus Arnioceras.  They were living nearly 200 million years ago in what isknown as the Sinemurian Stage.  Go gently with the cleaning as they are potentially extremely good specimens
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Nice find, some decent prep could really bring these out of their shells, so to speak.
- Brad
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Manie S
Thank you very much for the ID, much appreciated.
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Manie S
Thank you for your comments. I have cleaned the hardened mud out, and any suggestions for further cleaning.
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I would suggest you find someone who has the tools and experience to do it.
Colin Huller
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