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my best ever find at Wenlock Edge.
can you tell me this a complete and worth getting prepped professionally
002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 
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Nice find,

Complete trilobites in the limestone of Wenlock Edge are not at all common,

However your Calymene specimen is lacking most of the exoskeleton from the pygidium, and possibly a good part of the cephalon as well, so it may not be worth spending too much money on prep work,

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Hi rockmadman,

That's a great find - a good-sized Calymene sp. (probably the classic blumenbachii). You will already know that these are hard to come by these days, so well done. It looks almost complete, apart from the pygidium (tail end), which looks largely absent. It would look better prepped, but you will have to weigh up the cost yourself...sorry, I can't advise on suitable preparators.

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Thanks for both your comments,appreciated.
Its my grreatest find so far
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