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I found this on the beach at East Runton in Norfolk. I believe, or at least hope it’s an Ichthyosaur flipper? Any ideas?

Thanks Click image for larger version - Name: 2433EB38-2369-4403-B90B-EAD0378C3E83.jpeg, Views: 157, Size: 527.00 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 38DB67E7-064C-4F9E-858E-3A19CBCF9FB7.jpeg, Views: 154, Size: 629.50 KB
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Dirty Pete
That looks like a bunch of plates that make up an echinoid test preserved inside a flint nodule....very nice.

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Not a flipper but still very happy, thank you. 
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Hello and welcome to the forum. By the looks of it it's an Echinocorys sea urchin.
Colin Huller
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