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5876D3AA-2702-463B-89B3-9A345759D6CE.jpeg  450A4D34-B5FE-4BEF-A3C8-A785D63FA59B.jpeg  E6A69BC8-89A9-4D64-888C-B5509E7A0F16.jpeg  7EC3836F-2A14-462A-A23B-16B011B02ACF.jpeg  Here’s one I found in Somerset last year
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Dirty Pete
Another great fossil and good to see presumably what was exposed that gave it away.

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Matthew Myerscough
Yes I'm always interested to see fossil how it was found. Starting to realise that many of these spectacular finds perhaps don't give much away when found. I need to stop shingle trawling and search the bigger rocks!
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Excellent again
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Trouble with a big slab Matthew is carrying the bugger
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