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I found this fossil at the base of a hillside in the Dordogne France. Is it possibly a seed in a case? I also found sea shell fossils locally. Click image for larger version - Name: 6ADB02D9-2C2C-4043-86FF-FAAFE8229798.jpeg, Views: 33, Size: 2.06 MB Click image for larger version - Name: DA8BAED2-FDBC-4AA1-8E05-CCD9443567CA.jpeg, Views: 33, Size: 2.36 MB
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I do not know the geology of the region but it looks like a sponge in flint/chert, something like this

Image result for sponge in flint
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Yup - I think Rolo is spot on having browser probs atm will research later.
Colin Huller
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Not a seed... a sponge in flint , classic in Dordogne departement.  
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