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Hi all,

Now that I have this great resource for getting things identified, I've been through some of the more interesting fossils we've found from Abbeywood.  Would anyone be able to help with telling me what these could be please?

20200609_205116.jpg  20200609_205139.jpg  20200609_205220.jpg  20200609_205234.jpg  20200609_205250.jpg  20200609_205422.jpg  20200609_205434.jpg  20200609_205446.jpg  20200609_205459.jpg 

20200609_205513.jpg  20200609_205532.jpg  20200609_205543.jpg  20200609_205626.jpg 

20200609_205642.jpg  20200609_205648.jpg  20200609_205708.jpg 

D - I often find shark teeth in the beds but this one is different looking to any other I've found:

20200609_205754.jpg  20200609_205807.jpg  20200609_205815.jpg  20200609_205829.jpg  20200609_205838.jpg 

20200609_205857.jpg  20200609_205905.jpg  20200609_205916.jpg  20200609_205930.jpg  20200609_205939.jpg 

I realise I may be asking a lot 🙂 and really appreciate any info on the above.

Many thanks!
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The flat bony plates with dimples are partial croc scutes. (B+C)
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Gary W
A looks like a piece of shell.
B is a piece of Acipencer (a fish like a sturgeon) scute, very similar to crocodile in appearance
C may be a fish scale
D s a shark tooth, Striatolamna macrotus
E looks like another piece of shell

There is a very good pdf guide to the fossils of Abbey Wood, a copy can be found at the MFMS website,   pdf downloads, fossils of abbey wood by David Ward
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Great thanks Gary, I'll check that out.
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