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Dave - The Owner
Cheers Pete, the sizes are: devils toenails cluster = 6inch x 5inch

And the Ammonite is 12inch x 9inch. Very heavy as well.

I have had a bit of interest from friends wanting to buy in the passed. Do you have any idea of value please??

Kind regards,
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As of late we have been
inundated with emails requesting identification for items that have been
found, & due to the large number we're receiving lately we thought it best to
post the pictures on here and let all of you bring your knowledge & expertise
together to help us answer the questions we can't always get round to.

The contact of said email will be contacted to explain
where they can find this page to obtain the info, & to comment should they

Thank you all in advance for your help,

From the UKGE team.

were found near Ogmore Beach in South Wales about 13 years ago now, I was only
12 at the time and carried them 3 miles home. The larger one weighs about

I would very much appreciate any information at all

Kind regards, Dave







UK Fossils Forum Admin
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Dirty Pete
#1 looks like a clutch of devils toenails (Gryphaea arcuata).
#2 is obviously a mineralised ammonite. Caloceras maybe ???
These are lower Jurassic in age and I would guess originate from closer to Southerndown. Ogmore is predominantly Carboniferous/Triassic.
Some kind of scale reference in your pics would be useful.
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