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Hi, I went fossil hunting at Robin Hoods Bay today and found this. Does anyone know what it is? The little star/flower shape is roughly 6mm/7mm wide. Would be so grateful if anyone can shed any light on it! Thanks Click image for larger version - Name: EF2121CA-6428-4A8D-9D48-7BB570AC0EDE.jpeg, Views: 42, Size: 313.36 KB
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I believe that this is the cast of a crinoid ossicle as crinoid ossicles can take the shape of a star, flower, circle and it can take up many different shapes as well. I won't be able to identify the species of this crinoid ossicle and the age of it but I am definitely sure that the flower-shaped feature on the rock is a cast of a criniod ossicle. You could look up fossilised crinoids online if you have never heard of crinoids before and there will be many sections of information on crinoids. I hope this helps.

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Gandalf the White
Definitely crionoid
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Welcome to the forum Hanna, a nice little find for your first foray!
This is the cross sectional view of a single ossicle (plate) of a crinod.
In future, pplease add a scale to all photos - it helps!

Pentacrinites ?sp according to my Scarborough born BSC (Hons) Geology friend.
Colin Huller
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That’s a lovely find - I love the simple beauty of crinoids!

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