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Found at Charmouth. Hazelnut for size reference. First resembles a sponge fungi underneath, and smooth on top. Second resembles a very small scallop shell. Scalloped edges inside and out. Children's first time fossil hunting - they loved it and would like to know more about their finds so thank you in advance 🙂 IMG_20200313_112138445.jpg  IMG_20200313_112133096.jpg  IMG_20200313_122023724.jpg  IMG_20200313_122006938.jpg 
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Brittle Star
The brown find may be a nut that has been in the sea for a while,  please remember to use a scale such as a ruler in photos and take from different angles especially top and bottom and so they are not in shadow. Say if they feel heavy like a stone or quite light. All this will help with identification.

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Hello, your second item resembles a fossil scute of a thornback ray; common in the Eocene...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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I believe this is a very small fragment of worn bone.
Colin Huller
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