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Hello! I am new to the forum and I am no expert whatsoever! Could anyone tell me if my beach findings are just pebbles or maybe something more? Photo 1 and 3 have been found in Weymouth whilst the rest in Hastings. I have added a 10p coin for scaling. I am pretty sure the last one is nothing but it does look like a tooth 😁 and I think I do have an echinoid imprint? Thank you in advance for your help! Click image for larger version - Name: A416E44F-7081-4D91-AF64-878F51246DD2.jpeg, Views: 35, Size: 374.44 KB Click image for larger version - Name: C0B92C5A-0CBE-4E02-8D2E-145D2BDA3C9E.jpeg, Views: 37, Size: 297.23 KB Click image for larger version - Name: EF6C5D48-9D01-4444-97F3-C7505FFFD229.jpeg, Views: 36, Size: 276.80 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 022B6FCA-E34D-4A48-BD6F-10523EC67467.jpeg, Views: 37, Size: 228.08 KB Click image for larger version - Name: E1567F0D-0551-463E-9F38-4736093872CE.jpeg, Views: 37, Size: 202.84 KB
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Hi Maria and welcome,

The second pic is indeed a couple of echinoid tubercles (what the spines would be attached to) preserved in flint.

The 4th pic looks like a shell fragment that could be modern.

I don't think the others are fossils, but miscellaneous flint or other rock fragments.
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The first one could be an inoceramid (bivalve) hinge.
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Thank you both!! Yes the first one looks organic and the hinge of a bivalve is a good option! X
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