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Very nice finds.I like the vert.
The last one looks like a gastropod,possibly Bathrotomaria sp. I found one at Ringstead,Dorset.

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HI all,
just wondering if anyone could tell me what type pf ichthy this vert came from and roughly how old from the area.
west end of seatown, dorset
I plucked it out of the clay about three feet up from the seafloor just before it would of fallen and become eroded.P1000514.JPG 
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also could anyone identify this ammonite for me its quite nice I think its completely pyritized, was found in Yorkshire I think robin hood bay. {I will make sure I make more notes next time!}P1000755.JPG 
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Ichthy verts all look very similar no matter the species so it's usually very hard to accurate say,but it's definitely Ichthy and a very nice example at that. Did you look for more of it?
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That vert is superb - my wife found two identical articulated verts at the same location, this time last year. They were also covered in bits of pyrite, just like yours, and have identical preservation. I would not be surprised if they were from the same animal.

Unfortunately, the nature of that landslip is that it's so broken up and random that it could be coming out for years to come.
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the clay was far to thick to dig any further unfortunately, same story with a sauropod vert I  found this year in the isle of wight I found lots of bits in the same place and im almost certain theres more to be had but ill have to wait for the sea to work its magic. very frustrating! I found this on the southern side of the island near blackgang chine. pretty sure its not an ammonite maybe some sort of shallow sea worm shell casing?? anyone got any ideas?P1020517.JPG P1020515.JPG P1020520.JPG   
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yeah probably, was just thinking the sides were too thin and irregular
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