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Hi, I found this small nodule at Ravenscar at the beginning of the year (the south side where the seals are). I have only just got round to splitting it open, not expecting much, and this beauty was inside.

Please could someone help to id it? Thanks.

DBE2270A-875E-4F6D-81FD-DA0C10CE25E4.jpeg  BD41C294-E0CA-430A-9738-6B99DC0CAB71.jpeg  7B38CE73-1BF2-430D-B85D-3ED0E00DEF57.jpeg  0A20E568-85BC-4FF7-BAFC-99558654D55C.jpeg  B13C4570-7BCD-441A-A554-2CE89494350E.jpeg  052E6888-9BF3-4DFD-9E8D-561C05949AEB.jpeg 

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Hello, this is a Grammoceras sp.; nice find!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Thanks very much for the id. 😀
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