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From another fossil forum I posted this (idk what it could be.) I know what it looks like to me, but I'm being told from the other site it is dirt or rock
You thoughts? Click image for larger version - Name: 15494868013117642204260964540212.jpg, Views: 34, Size: 119.40 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 15494869441449087991494504488205.jpg, Views: 37, Size: 143.00 KB
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Dirty Pete
I'd go with rock, dirt in my book is unconsolidated. A mineral veined pebble/boulder? (no scale provided), septarian maybe.  Pretty sure it's not a hot cross bun.

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I think it's a septarian nodule that looks like a turtle carapace, John
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Well I definitely appreciate the input. I also believe it is a septarian. I really dont beleive it could be anything else.
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