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0E6A801C-3407-44F3-830B-BE57EDF579DF.jpeg  D59CAC51-1F66-491F-B918-56224F632709.jpeg  7A737AC0-D176-4B0C-AF15-4E2D70683FE2.jpeg  96F6208B-0B22-44A4-BCC5-4C77D2A2360A.jpeg  11BFB076-C81B-4389-8C7E-043FBEFCD2F1.jpeg  0A6C6A48-8D0C-4096-926B-645F91528026.jpeg  1BDF747F-BB2D-4A3A-AC09-9A3CE85170A1.jpeg  342C172C-C65A-4A72-9255-8479B37ED7BD.jpeg  5AA2A660-20B5-45EB-B719-4B9F3F1A2719.jpeg  Hi just got these back from prep.all were found at port mulgfave. The ammonite is a 110mm Dac but the bone block and vert I need help with ID.
Thanks in advance 
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The bone block looks ichthyosaur and the vertebrae looks plesiosaur but someone else could have a more accurate identification 🙂
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What can I say!!!
Colin Huller
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My first  plesiosaur Vert. Im over the moon. Thanks for the ID guys 👍
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A lovely plesi vert and a scatter of iccy bones as others have said. You certainly do well at port scumpy. Very well done and nice finds 👍
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Scrumpy, you must be setting up a museum with all your amazing finds.
Can I book a guided tour? 😎
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