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2CC0F4F8-746E-4C3F-8620-FE161D7A1C1F.jpeg  D0FA1A96-DA0F-4820-866F-595BC07228C1.jpeg  A friend found this while fishing on the Yorkshire coast.
I thought partial ammonite but not a 100%.
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Brittle Star
Could you show the underneath and sides. It looks layered to me like the sea bed. A ruler would help, looks are deceptive, it could be something on the top with ridges like a bivalve. Or just ripples. Others will probably know for sure.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Gary W
I think it may be just 3 sections of a giant ammonite
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Barrow Museum
It is a section of a large Arnioceras or other Arietitid ammonite, like a Coroniceras sp.  They occur in the Sinemurian (part of the Lower Lias).  On the Yorkshire coast, depending upon which part, it could be more or less from the cliffs where found or from the glacially transported material on top, derived from rocks of this age farther north or east.
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Hello, I think it is Coroniceras sp ; the bulges at the end of the ribs are typical for this species.

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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