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Good morning
Three fossils for ID please:

DSC02285.jpg  Found at Seatown. Is inner ammonite same as outer fragment?

DSC02286.jpg  Also found Seatown. Is it a Nautiloid?

DSC02287.jpg  Found at Tidmoor point: Pyritised ammonite. Are the suture marks diagnostic?

Dumb question of the day! I find lots of small ammonites (some very tiny) at Tidmoor point. Are these juvenile ammonites, or are they just small species?
Could they also be just the inner whorls of larger ones?
Can post images if needed. Just not very good at macro photos at the moment. I do find tantalisingly large fragments of ammonites there, but the above one is about as big as I find whole (if damaged) ones. 

All help appreciated for this learner.
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Hi Pwoodger - amazing ornamentation on the nautilus shell, very nice!
Roy D.
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The third one looks like Quenstedtoceras lamberti
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